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There are really only 3 basic desires that motivate anyone. Sounds simple but once explained it all makes sense. If you therefore know which of the 3 motivate you, then you are part way towards achieving your goals of finding your passion and purpose.

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The toughest walls are those we put in front of ourselves.


How inspired would your team be when they understand fear is not a failure, fear is pushing the forward boundaries, together. In order to build our inner wealth (capacity), we have to exceed our own expectations (capability). Tackle your fear head on with passion and focus on the results you want. What are you waiting […]

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Motivation Carrot

Motivation – I just don’t like carrots.


We have likely all heard of the ‘carrot and stick’ idiom that uses either rewards or sufferance to elicit the right behaviour. Two things repel me when I hear this. A stick to induce good behaviour – no thank you. I also do not like carrots.

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