Lungitude Foundation - A True Success Story of 2016


Lungitude Foundation is the (my) #1 success story of 2016. It’s a real success story full of passion, accountability and vision. A small organisation having a global impact. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you are extending and saving lives.

If a small organisation can have a global impact, then you really can start believing there are no barriers to what is possible. Turning the impossible to the possible opens a world of opportunities. Let me introduce you to the Lungitude Foundation and how the organisation uses passion, accountability and vision to impact people’s lives around the world.

The Lungitude Foundation is a registered Australian charity focused on facilitating world-class clinical and research endeavours, medical procedures, therapies and support for lung transplant recipients and their carers. In simple terms, improving survival rates and outcomes. So what makes it a success story?

The vision of choosing to focus solely on translational, ‘bench to bedside’ health and medical research. The passion to see real results impacting real patients. The accountability that comes from having to make the most of the limited resources which in turn forces you to prioritise what is really going to make an impact.

As a result, the Lungitude Foundation is proudly funding world-leading researchers whose patient outcomes following lung transplantation remain the world’s best with 97% 1-Year and 76% 5 Year survival rates; figures that are significantly better than those reported by the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation Registry.

Yet such a simple 3 prong concept could be adapted by any organisation anywhere in the world.

Change is possible. Priorities are the barrier.

By focusing on passion, accountability and vision the Lungitude Foundation is #beingvisible on the world stage. Yet #beingvisible is more than branding or marketing. #beingvisible is exceeding what you thought was your full potential.

No matter what type of organisation you are within, ask yourself 3 simple questions:

  • Is your visibility (or invisibility) impacting your next move?
  • What does accountability mean for you?
  • Where is your passion and verve for life?

By focusing in this way you are already heading down the path of #beingvisible.

To ensure your path reaches the successful highs of the Lungitude Foundation you will also need to embrace the change that results from passion, accountability and vision. The process of change is generally never easy or comfortable. This is the time that determines if you are playing as a pro or amateur in your life (work and personal).

There is no quick win, nor is it a game of chance. If you think like the Lungitude Foundation then you will understand that the impossible is for dreamers and the possible is for opportunists. Which one are you?

I have a small celebration planned for December 18th 2016. There will only be two people present, myself and my wife. Why? December 18th will be her 10th birthday – 10 years since Wendy became a double lung recipient. In 2006, we never dreamed of reaching a 10  years milestone. World-class clinical and research endeavours have made that a reality. Now we know anything is possible.

As we approach the end of 2016 ask yourself two more questions?

  • What was the biggest impact you made in 2016?
  • What will you be saying about this day in 10 years time?

The Visible Guy, Gordon Jenkins, is Board Chair of Lungitude Foundation ( For more information please contact