Passion. Get off your backside and find it.


Passion is about life now.

I do not believe that simply working hard for something you love is passion. Passion is drawn from a place deeper – purpose. Love you can fake, purpose you can not. The degree of effort you exert is immaterial, nor should it matter.

You just do it because it is part of your DNA.

MY passion looks like this:

I’m passionate about making invisible people visible.

I help people, organisations and causes tread a path they want to tread, not one that others tell them to tread.

My journey is a mix of torment and success because life was never meant to a straight line from A to B.

I’m possible. Nothing is impossible, I’m the only barrier to ChANge.

What does passion look like for YOU?

Stop and think for a moment.

In a year your heart is going to beat around 8,500,000 times. Your doing something during this time, what?

Now this may cause some of you concern because you will look back and think….Sh@t….for two reasons.

Firstly you have realised working a 16 hour a day, is equivalent to approximately 5,700,000 of those annual heart beats and thought WTF. Was that really my passion?

The second reason is thinking back over those millions of heartbeats something catches your attention. This ‘something’ actually dominated your year, you just did not realise because it was shrouded in so much noise. When you dig a little deeper do you start to get that funny feeling in your stomach, a smile on your face or just go to a good place in your mind?

Capture the “something”

No-one can tell you what your passion is. The reason you are invisible is because up to this point you have not identified what your passion is and looks like.

Think about it. The ‘something’ you have just captured is important to YOU. That is what passion is about. The really interesting part is as you start to believe, grow and live the ‘something’ so do your ambassadors. Ambassadors are people who see you in your authentic state, relate to what you are doing and willingly advocate your purpose.

Passion is the answer to being invisible.

Now you need to do something about this and start to understand exactly what is emerging and why.

I will not tell you what to do, apart from if you are sitting at your desk waiting for Passion to tap you on the shoulder, just think about how many heart beats will be wasted. You have to get off your backside and find it.

I can though, help you find your way through the maze of self belief. I have through my years of experience and deep network of friends who have also found their purpose put together MICROSCOPE.

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