Heartbeat February b

Did you take action and transform this month?


Did you network with purpose? ⠀ Did you become the go-to person in your niche? ⠀ Have you even identified your niche? ⠀ Did you overcome at least one of your personal or professional obstacles?⠀ Did you take action? ⠀ Did you make each of your 3,225,600 heartbeats count? Let’s make next month count folks. […]

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Make 2017 the year of ACTION

2017 – Year of Action not Planning. Make it count.


Stop planning and start the action. Make every day count in 2017. Do you have a plan for 2017? Where is it? Is it in your head? Who is holding you accountable? How are you going to make sure you make 2017 the year of action not excuses? Learn about The Visible Guy’s 6 week My […]

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a man and an ape facing each other and staring at one another's eyes

How Tinder can improve your bottom line


No pun intended! Tinder really can improve your visibility and your organisation’s profit. If you actually spend some time looking at what is going on in the Tinder/On-line dating world, you will quickly see that it’s a virtual mirror of the business world.

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