Walls sm

The toughest walls are those we put in front of ourselves.


How inspired would your team be when they understand fear is not a failure, fear is pushing the forward boundaries, together.In order to build our inner wealth (capacity), we have to exceed our own expectations (capability). Tackle your fear head on with passion and focus on the results you want. What are you waiting for?

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Lungitude Foundation – A True Success Story of 2016


Lungitude Foundation is the (my) #1 success story of 2016. It’s a real success story full of passion, accountability and vision. A small organisation having a global impact. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you are extending and saving lives.

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live with passion phrase handwritten on blackboard with heart symbol instead of O

Passion. Get off your backside and find it.


Passion is about life now. I do not believe that simply working hard for something you love is passion. Passion is drawn from a place deeper – purpose. Love you can fake, purpose you can not. The degree of effort you exert is immaterial, nor should it matter.

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