Why tackle discrimination with discrimination?



It has no colour, age, sex or type. There is either discrimination or there is not. Simple. Today we are tackling discrimination with discrimination. It’s time to do something about this.

I went to a ‘normal’ school, the usual 2,200 children cramped into a system with little regard for individual innovation or desires. There was no opportunity to discuss my craving to elect home economics (cooking) rather than metalwork. Those that know me today, know I’m far more comfortable (and less dangerous) with my kitchen utensils then I am with a hammer and screwdriver.

Every single metalwork class was hated. I know this is a strong statement. I wasted 12 months because the system was so inflexible. I remember the anger and resentment I carried for 12 months. I can still picture the stupid car-shaped key ring that took me 9 months to make and the first thing I did when I went through the school gates was throw it away. I went home and made a sponge cake instead!

What struck me most about this is not the key ring nor the sponge cake, but the effect it had on me as a person and those around me. This was one of my first experiences of discrimination.

Discrimination is a taboo subject for most males to publicly talk about.

The actions driving female to male equality (not human to human) is in itself driving discrimination. The impact of this discrimination is being felt outside the workplace as well as inside, and nothing is being done about it. Whether you agree with this statement or not is immaterial. People are perceiving this, and perceptions are reality, especially when nothing is being done to dispel the perceptions or help the people concerned.

If organisations really want to be equal to all humans, then they need to remove all personal details from applications so individuals are judged purely on their appropriate skills and experience. In a similar way that the TV program ‘The Voice’ allows in the first instance judgement on talent rather than image, the same should be for workplace opportunities. Assuming the necessities for the role are equal, then there is no doubt that every organisation should have ‘equalization of human beings’ as a goal.

There is currently a huge promotion of female-to-female networking and social groups. Organisations are getting on the bandwagon supporting such endeavours – as they should. Yet without a similar show of support for other groups (males, childless women, people with disabilities etc), organisations are in fact ostracising these employees and supporters. Organisations are failing in their unbiased communication.

Many males I speak to perceive they are, or will be, overlooked for positions. The negative impact of this on self-belief, ‘worth’ and their own future is jumping from the workplace to life at home. There are as many issues occurring from discrimination outside the workplace as there are in the workplace. The cheerful person changes quickly into a resentful person and life at home is flipped on its head. 

Discrimination is personal. Perception is reality

Males are taking these messages on board and suddenly feeling like they have become TheINVISIBLEguy.

Life feels like it has just stopped. The Invisible Guy feels that they are being overlooked for positions, no matter what they do. In reality the majority of males (like the majority of females) have probably never consciously discriminated against anyone, yet through a bi-product of a real and purposeful social movement that they have no say or impact on, they are directly being affected. The perceived discriminator has become the discrimination recipient. There must be a better way to reduce discrimination with something other than more discrimination.

TheVisibleGuy is not a stand up and shout out just for men. TheVisibleGuy stands up for all human beings, whether in work or the community. TheVisibleGuy wants all human beings to feel that they have value and purpose. To blanket any human being for any reason is discrimination.

TheInvisibleGuy becomes TheVisibleGuy by taking a panoramic perspective of today’s world and how it’s changing rapidly. If you are feeling like TheInvisibleGuy, don’t blame others, change the dynamics. There is a whole tribe out there that see you as TheVisibleGuy and value you for who you are and what you offer. Find your tribe. #nevergoingback #beingvisible #livewithpassion #imthevisibleguy

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