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My passion is helping others by using real life insights resulting from holding senior positions for five of the world’s leading financial institutions and advising some of Australia’s wealthiest private families.
The result is more than a ‘lightbulb moment’, it is a realisation that exceeding what you think is your full potential can be a reality, not a dream. How deep is your desire to make a difference, now?


Imagine exceeding what you think is your full potential. Visualise waking and looking forward to your day. Picture having the tools and wisdom to accomplish all your goals.

Sometimes life can get in the way of you achieving your vision, so let The Visible Guy support you to welcome change and remove key obstacles. With the right mindset and support, your future will be built on passion and purpose. You can positively impact your life and those around you – starting today.


Position yourself for success. Choose from bespoke mentoring, coaching and speaking services to support you on your journey. Whether you are looking for business mentoring, personal coaching or an inspirational speaker and facilitator for your next event, you can become the best version of yourself.

In partnership, we will evaluate your goals and desires, creating a motivational plan for you to exceed what you think is your full potential. Jointly we will discover Your Path and then embark on Our Journey together. Take your first steps today.


You can exceed what you think is your full potential. Together we will overcome the obstacles to your success and equip you with the tools and skills to journey forward positively.


Built on a foundation of mutual trust and purpose, you will be supported to exceed your expectations and develop the wisdom needed to succeed.


Be inspired, motivated and challenged to re-ignite that spark of passion and purpose. Tailor a memorable and enriching experience for your next conference, facilitated event or for your in-house teams.

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Interested in benefiting from a thought-provoking course? Perhaps you are inspired to attend future events that will galvanise you into action? Check out which of our latest courses and events resonate with you. The Visible Guy also can also tailor bespoke courses and facilitation for your needs.

Be inspired and challenged. Recalibrate the direction you are heading. Are you just surviving … or thriving?

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November 1, 2017
Webinar Series

4 Week Webinar Series (more details available soon!)


  • " The Visible Guy presented to our CPA Discussion Group on Networking with Purpose. The presentation was sprinkled with examples drawn from The Visible Guy's experience which demonstrated unique insight and made the material very engaging. In response to questions from the floor, his answers were relevant, practical and to the point. I highly recommend The Visible Guy. "

    Jonathan Jackson, Dye & Co
  • " Be Seen #BeVisible, Network with Purpose was Gordon’s key message and he gave great feedback about how you not necessarily network everywhere and wear yourself out but be truly strategic with your networking and target audiences where you genuinely will be seen by your target clients. Great message for the current environment where you feel like you have to be absolutely everywhere to be seen. "

    Karryn Haines, Encore Admin
  • " The Visible Guy is clearly passionate and knowledgeable about powerful and positive networking and enhancing the external perspective of an individual or organisation. "

    Rod Conn, Complete Career Managment
the CEO institute
CPA Australia
Berry Family Law
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the visible guy
The toughest walls are those we put in front of ourselves

How inspired would your team be when they understand fear is not a failure, fear is pushing the forward boundaries, together. In order to build our inner wealth (capacity), we have to exceed our own expectations (capability). Tackle your fear head on with passion and focus on the results you want. What are you waiting for? Most of us endeavour to undertake new challenges with the energy of a ‘Yes, Can and Will’ mentality; an approach that we know can be powerful, real and innovative. We do this because a positive and fearless energy has been shown to create the…

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business motivation
Motivation – I just don’t like carrots.

We have likely all heard of the ‘carrot and stick’ idiom that uses either rewards or sufferance to elicit the right behaviour. Two things repel me when I hear this. A stick to induce good behaviour – no thank you. I also do not like carrots. I really cannot understand why today we are still working with the ‘carrot and stick’ mentality. Whatever the rationale is for using this approach, there are fundamental errors at play that first need to be highlighted.   Assumption 1 – Unwelcome behaviour is a problem management needs to solve. If we suddenly changed paths…

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the visible guy
Are you an expert in a vacuum?

Do you have a reputation as an expert in your industry? Do people know how to find you? Find out how to #bevisible and the ‘go to’ person in your industry. Let’s talk. Book a free 30-minute chat. Let’s find out what you’re doing now and how we can start to exceed what you thought was your full potential. If you are open minded, committed to ChANge and believe that the impossible is for dreamers and the possible is for opportunists. Then you are all about #beingvisible. We can start to deliver actionable, measurable and accountable results after only 30…

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