Who is The Visible Guy?

Gordon Jenkins is The Visible Guy. A persona that captures his belief that you need to step out of the shadows in order to fully participate in your life and of those around you. It is never too late to live with purpose and passion.

Born in the UK, happily settled in Australia and with a successful global career across a variety of sectors, his message and ability to connect with diverse groups of people are compelling.

No one practices what they preach more than Gordon. He has discovered that the toughest walls are often those put up by ourselves.

Gordon has come across many difficulties throughout his life and has many interesting stories to tell. From ending up in the South Asian jungle instead of the Australian outback, to facing life or death situations, The Visible Guy is living proof that no matter how bad your situation seems at the time, you can position yourself for success.


Why The Visible Guy?

For a long time, my life was following two parallels, the first lane was orchestrated by the way I was processed through life; successful but invisible. The other lane was my passion, the reason I wanted to exist. With both lanes running separately to each other, there were many times I considered if it was worth carrying on with life.

I believed that all I wanted was to be accepted, but later I realised I craved happiness. I lacked true direction until I stopped what I was doing, removed myself from the noise, and discovered my passion. Rather than chasing down the same path trodden by others to give me the reward I thought I sought, I am now creating my own path, my own journey, to get me to where I want to be. Whilst I still may end up at the same destination as others, I will take the path that is true to me. I call this the Your Path. Our Journey™, a philosophy that can benefit you and is filled with practical actions, fun and real impactful outcomes.


The Aim

The ability to chase and live your dreams is open to everyone, and I want to bring this joy to others just like you.

Together we will awake that spark inside of you, to remove the obstacles hindering your success, and set you up on a journey to exceed your own expectations. You can become visible, stepping out of the shadows to move forward with your life in a way that even you never expected would be possible. I believe that with the right mindset everyone is capable of incredible things. Strengthened from my experience and expertise, you will be guided to exceed what you think is your full potential.

I am grateful for every moment I have witnessed and the opportunity to share the most amazing experiences. The mindset of purpose is the single most important variable in why today I am visible and fully participating in life. You can be visible too – do not stop believing because others found an excuse.


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Tools of the Trade

At the core of what I do is Networking with Purpose™ and Your Path. Our Journey™.  Using real life insights I share powerful strategies that can be used immediately. The result is more than a ‘lightbulb moment’, it is a realisation that exceeding what you think is your full potential can be a reality, not a dream.


Networking with Purpose™

Why client perception is your reality, how to use it to your advantage and the impact of human connections.

Network with Tinder discusses the differences between collecting ‘likes’ versus establishing deep outcome based relationships.

Discovering how and when to utilise the 30 Pathways to Network and the 20 Differentiation Frameworks.


Your Path. Our Journey.™

Connecting personal behaviour and desires with strategic outcomes.

Why you should not stop believing because others found an excuse.

Don’t count the days but make the days count.




There is no time like the present. Do not waste another breath. Reach out today and get in touch to see how you can benefit. We look forward to hearing from you.

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