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Be motivated by a tailor-made and enriching experience for your next conference, facilitated event or for your in-house teams. Be energised by a highly engaging, entertaining and unique conversation. I guarantee you will not find the same presentation anywhere else. Be the catalyst for making a positive change in yourself and others.

Whatever you want to achieve from the experience, I will assist you. My exceptional service will focus on your needs and requirements in detail, to ensure a truly engaging and resonating audience experience. Discover flexible options to promote your organisation, brand or venue, or bring in outside influences as required. Unearth real and honest stories, in a natural way, and why I am passionate about what I do.


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Interested in finding out how I will work with you at your next event? Let’s discuss your event goals, outcomes and purpose. The initial complimentary consultation will only take 30 minutes. What are you waiting for? You have got nothing to lose! Every second counts, so don’t waste another minute and contact me today.

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How You Are Supported

Sometimes all you need is to see life from an outsider’s perspective to become motivated and discover your passion. When I come to engage with you and your team as The Visible Guy, you will be inspired, motivated and challenged. Together you will be re-energise to take stock and look at yourselves in ways you never have before.


Sometimes your passion for can dissipate over time. Reignite that spark and let your passion burn bright once again.


Discover how to refocus on things you may have lost sight of. Make the days ahead count.


Exceed your expectations and achieve the success that you or your team so rightly deserve.

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How it works for you

With The Visible Guy as your partner, together we can inspire, motivate and challenge by re-energising you and your team to look at yourselves in ways you never have before. We will start with you sharing your understanding of the audience. You will be asked a number of questions so that the experience is as relatable and engaging as possible.

In order to succeed, you need to be open to reigniting that spark of passion that can get lost over time.


We will discuss your event objectives. With a clear understanding of what you want to achieve, the experience can be tailored appropriately.


To ensure the desired outcomes, together we will review the event logistics and scheduling. This involves working out the best day to conduct the experience, and where the event will take place.


The presentation will be most effective with a sharing of expectations. You will discuss what your expectations of The Visible Guy so that there is a clear understanding of your needs.


Finally, a success must be measured. You will discuss what your benchmark of success is so that there is a quantifiable goal to work towards.


  • " The Visible Guy presented to our CPA Discussion Group on Networking with Purpose. The presentation was sprinkled with examples drawn from The Visible Guy's experience which demonstrated unique insight and made the material very engaging. In response to questions from the floor, his answers were relevant, practical and to the point. I highly recommend The Visible Guy. "

    Jonathan Jackson, Dye & Co
  • "Thank you to the team at United In Business and Danny Innes (丹尼) for arranging a half day session with Gordon Jenkins. I love your story Gordon and found the session to be really interesting, engaging, thought provoking and above all... you were authentic."

    Arthur Ktistakis, Business Telco Solutions
  • "Great presenter. Thought provoking and really makes you stop & think “shit, I do that”!
    Everyone needs to rid themselves of the “dead wood” in their business and Gordon cuts through to show you how."

    Andrew Mirams, Intuitive Finance
  • "Gordon was very professional but what stands out most was his authenticity. Despite having a lot going on in his personal life, he never failed to keep a positive attitude! By the end of our two training sessions, Gordon has armed my colleagues and I with tools to improve time management, accountability, efficiency and networking. He has given us a lot to think about business and personal growth. I would definitely recommend Gordon to anyone looking for an Executive Coach to grow their business."

    Gladys Seah, Hewison Private Wealth
  • "It is rare that you come across such a standout public speaker, coach and facilitator as Gordon. I have had the pleasure of working with Gordon for many years on several business and community projects and I have always been impressed with his leadership, professionalism, integrity and focus on client outcomes. Gordon has an uncanny ability to command the room and motivate others to achieve their vision and goals. And best of all, Gordon always makes it fun! I have no hesitation in recommending Gordon to any organisation as a quality presenter, coach, mentor or facilitator."

    Geoff Donovan, Purpose Law
  • "Be Seen #BeVisible, Network with Purpose was Gordon’s key message and he gave great feedback about how you not necessarily network everywhere and wear yourself out but be truly strategic with your networking and target audiences where you genuinely will be seen by your target clients. Great message for the current environment where you feel like you have to be absolutely everywhere to be seen."

    Karryn Haines, Encore Admin
  • "The Visible Guy is clearly passionate and knowledgeable about powerful and positive networking and enhancing the external perspective of an individual or organisation."

    Rod Conn, Complete Career Managment
CPA Australia
Berry Family Law
Redline Digital


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There is no time like the present. Do not waste another breath. Reach out today and get in touch to see how you can benefit. We look forward to hearing from you.

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