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The toughest walls are those we put in front of ourselves

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How inspired would your team be when they understand fear is not a failure, fear is pushing the forward boundaries, together. In order to build our inner wealth (capacity), we have to exceed our own expectations (capability). Tackle your fear head on with passion and focus on the results you want. What are you waiting for?

Most of us endeavour to undertake new challenges with the energy of a ‘Yes, Can and Will’ mentality; an approach that we know can be powerful, real and innovative. We do this because a positive and fearless energy has been shown to create the right mindset for success. It is traditionally seen as the best way to communicate what we are about, what we have to offer, and how we want others to think of us.

We want to impress and inspire with our agility, creativity, purposefulness, efficiency and effectiveness.

We likewise understand the importance of aligning our actions to this positive approach. A clear showcase of how we are striving to operate every day within the many facets of life – people, culture, leadership, sustainability, innovation, purpose, passion, or even how you have fun.  The actions you exhibit are more powerful than any social media post or branded tagline.

Despite our initial confidence and aligned actions we often hit a wall. A wall of doubt. A wall of apprehension. A wall of our own self-making. Why? What goes wrong?

Simply put – it is difficult to maintain the ‘Yes, Can and Will’ mentality you need. So what can you do?

Over the years I have discovered two key behaviours that work for me.


Behaviour 1 – Focusing on Passion

If I focus on what I am passionate about – responsible innovation, how we can make a difference to our lives as well as others, how to clarify our purpose – it becomes much easier to preserve the right mindset and break down any walls of fears that may have created. When you have a genuine passion for your vision it will always be more enduring than any fears you may cultivate.


Behaviour 2 – Focusing on Outcomes

If I focus on the outcomes I strive for – these become the driver for overcoming my fears. When you have a clarity of what can be achieved, what opportunities can be created, this can be the catalyst you need to break through any barriers you have built.

An example in my own life was leading the successful transition from one not-for-profit to another in order to further extend the capabilities and results already gained. A new foundation that can continue to support world-leading innovation in post lung transplant rejection. It was the vision of what could be achieved that drove me despite the difficulties that inevitably arose.

For many years barriers were put up; some self, some from doubters. Why? Fear. Fear that the new foundation may not work (my own self-belief) and fear from others that the challenges were insurmountable and the vision too great (fear of the unknown).

Why has this been a success? We remained true to our desired outcome.


Are your behaviours building a wall of fear or dismantling it?

When you are heading down a path you have not been before, do you put up a wall and make an excuse? Do you have a dream but spend more time building up a catalogue of misgivings than taking the first step?

The fact is the opportunity is everywhere. In order to build our inner wealth (capacity), we have to exceed our own expectations (capability). Tackle your fear head on with passion and focus on the results you want. What are you waiting for?

Take it from my own personal excuses, life is too short to worry about tomorrow. No excuses just today. We do not fail, we learn. However, if you do not break down that wall and try you will never learn.

Remember the first bike you had? You fell off and then got back on it again. Many times with many bruises to show for it. Or the first time you tried to swim. Did you simply say no? I doubt it. As a child, you had less experience of fear. You only had the passion and purpose, the ‘Yes, Can and Will’  mentality. A desire for the outcome so you could swim with your friends.

All that has changed is that as you age, the noise of doubt that surrounds you is hiding that inner burning desire that you can do it. Maybe not the first time, maybe not the second, but you can and will succeed.

Stop making the excuses, stop putting up your walls. No-one has ever told me I have been wrong for trying. I stick to my values (honesty and integrity) and follow my passions. I look to improve and I keep the outcomes front of mind at all times. I also tell people what I am doing. Why? It is my path and I want them on my journey.

In 2013, Nike combined the slogan ‘Just do it’ with the ‘Possibilities’ campaign. The message changed from inspiration to action. Nike wanted its followers to push their limits and strive to reach new goals. Yes, there was a big advertising campaign with all-star athletes.

The message was clear, as Davide Grasso, Nike Global Chief Marketing Officer stated, “… showing people a new way to set goals and think about their own athletic potential, then helping them to achieve those goals through products, services and inspiration.” Nike was encouraging us all not to hold back, not to let fear stop us from our goals.

We do not need all-stars to tell us what we already know. I am not an all-star athlete but I have taken this very popular concept, adapted it to my purpose and ‘just done it’. An approach of focusing on what could actually be achieved if you just took action, instead of hesitating from fear. What goals could your organisation potentially achieve if passion and focus on outcomes allowed you to discover new opportunities rather than just talking up the products and services you are already safely offering? How inspired would your team be when they understand that fear is not a failure, fear is pushing the forward boundaries, together.

#justdoit has stood the test of time because it works. The toughest walls are those we put in front of ourselves. Break them down by following your passions and focusing on your outcomes. Find your path and just do it now – no excuses. #youpathourjourney #livewithpassion.

To find out more about the foundation I mentioned in this article please visit www.lungitude.com.au


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